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Time Blindness & Transitioning

Time Blindness & Transitioning

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The elusive dance between time and ADHD can often feel like a relentless struggle, making it seem as though the clock conspires against those affected by this neurodiverse condition. ADHD, can be the source of constant frustration, as it impedes one's ability to effectively plan, stay on task, and navigate the intricacies of daily life.


This neurobiological condition disrupts the executive functions of the brain, making tasks like organization, time management, and impulse control particularly challenging. In the face of ADHD, time can slip through one's fingers like sand, leaving individuals feeling as though they are constantly racing against the clock, struggling to catch up with the demands of everyday life.

This offer will provide strategies to help your loved one stay on task, figure out their best tools and support them with more empathy and patience.

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